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Quickly becoming a staple in New Jersey and NYC nightlife, DJ Rob Cast is a heavily committed and passionate individual focused on bringing his original flavor to all dance floors. While not subscribing or limiting himself to boundaries of genres, his electric style has been known to move his audiences for a truly memorable experience eloquently blending hip-hop with house and consistently paying homage to his latin roots. Rob Cast made his debut on New Year's Eve of 2011 in front of hundreds of people acquiring his passionate musical gift and lavish tastes from his father. He was introduced to the scene at a young age and immediately knew this was his lifelong vocation. Eager to leave his indelible mark on the music industry. Rob Cast is harnessing his musical energy into making vibrant original soundscapes that appeal to artists and fans alike.

Not only does Omar of The Third Ey3 consider photography his passion, but he also thinks of it as an art that exceeds all limitations. While being a certified photographer through the New York Institute of Photography, Omar has found that capturing the overall emotions and expressions of people was what meant the most to him. What better way to share his talent and passion with people than to be involved in the special moments and events of their lives. He photographed his first wedding in 2011 and fell in love with the craft! 


The Third Ey3 Photography is based in Jersey City, NJ and has photographed many weddings, birthdays, and other events at local venues such as The Fiesta, The Venetian, The Brownstone, Puccini's, The Lake Side Manor and others. Area churches and private properties are also a favorite!